Our Story

About Us

Enter Africa started out as Goethe Institute project that brought 15 teams from 15 Sub-Saharan African Countries and aimed to use games to answer one question, “What would the future of your cities would look like?” And these Interdisciplinary teams which included architects, urban planners, IT experts and artists were able to develop 15 location-based games for smartphones and one analogue mega-game, in which they try to addressed challenges in their cities related to urban transformation, borderlessness and Africa’s past, present and future. Enter Africa involves many partners ranging from game design and gamification experts to organizations from different African countries as well as Europe.

During the Enter Africa project realization process the Enter Africa Community was created. Currently Enter Africa has become a network of creative, innovative, young professionals across the African continent with more than 250 participants and more than 130 active members. Together, we use games and game thinking to realize our visions for Africa’s future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to

  • Collect African games on a platform for use and sale

  • Create, promote and innovate for different kinds of African content

  • Organize regular gaming events all over the continent

  • Use games and gamification as tools to enhance people’s day-to-day activities

  • Create structures that build ecosystems for advocacy, lobbying and networking

  • Build local communities that actively contribute to these ecosystems

  • Use science, technology and innovation to create and tell authentic African stories.

Ultimately, we interconnect African and global people through games and gamification!

Our Vision

Enter Africa is a creative African organization made up of different bodies. We exist to enhance the living conditions of African people by creating a gaming ecosystem that represents African culture and reimagines African futures.